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Photo by Kathy Ryan

Photo by Kathy Ryan  

Glenna Gordon is a documentary photographer who seeks out unexpected narratives and humanity at its edges.  


After nearly a decade of assignment and personal projects in Africa, she shifted to focusing on a divided America. Recently, she became a licensed EMT and is currently working for an ambulance company in Los Angeles.  


She’s been commissioned by the New York Times Magazine, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and others. 


She has won a World Press Award, American Photo, PDN, and other awards and was a finalist for the Eugene Smith Award. From 2011-2018, she was a lecturer at The New School in the Graduate Program of International Affairs, where she received the 2017-2018 Faculty Research Fund. She is the recipient of the 2019 Aftermath Project, and has received multiple grants from the Pulitzer Center and other funds. 


Her book, “Diagram of the Heart,” (2016) was a NYTM and POYi photobook of the year, was exhibited in Moving Walls 23 at Open Society, The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Half King, and elsewhere.  


Glenna is HEFAT certified and a FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot.  




"There is a crack, a crack in everything/ 

That's how the light gets in." 

-Leonard Cohen  


Photo by Kathy Ryan 



2019 Aftermath Project, America 

2018 Faculty Research Fund, The New School, America  

2017 Economic Hardship Reporting Project, America 

2017 Pulitzer Center Grant, Nigeria 

2016 Festival PhotoReporter Grant, Indonesia 

2012 African Artists Foundation Residency, Nigeria 

2009 Pulitzer Center Grant, Liberia  



2017 Eugene Smith Award, Finalist 

2017 PDN's Photo Annual, Personal Project of the Year 

2016 American Photography 32 

2016 POYi, Finalist for Photobook of the Year 

2016 Athens Photo Festival, Finalist 

2016 PDN's Photo Annual, Photobook of the Year 

2015 World Press, Second Prize for News Series 

2015 Aftermath Project, Finalist 

2015 Social Documentary Network, Honorable Mention 

2015 American Photography 312015 Flash Forward 15 

2015 Prix Pictet, Finalist 

2014 Lens Culture, Grand Prize 

2013 PX3, First place in Portraiture 

2013 Communication Arts 

2013 American Photography 30 

2013 Flash Forward 14 

2013 Sony World Photography Awards, Shortlist 

2013 FotoweekDC, Third Place 

2013 International Photography Awards, Third Place Winner 

2013 Flash Forward 13 

2013 PDN Annual’s Project Award 

2012 Critical Mass, Photo Lucida, Finalist 

2012 Flash Forward 12, Honorable Mention 

2012 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention  

2011 FotoWeekDC, Second Place 



2019 Columbia University, NY, Ethics of Covering Extremism  

2019 National Press Club, DC, Reporting on Children in Conflict 

2018 Univeristy of Chicago, Department of Anthropology 

2018 Almaty, Kazakhstan, Future of Storytelling 

2018 Detroit, Michigan, Documenting Detroit 

2017 Fredericksburg, Norway, DOK 17 

2017 Washington DC, Open Society 

2017 Toronto, Canada, Ryerson University 

2017 New York, Half King Photo Series 

2016 Columbia University, panel on foreign correspondents 

2015 Amsterdam, Netherlands, World Press Week 

2015 New York, CUNY Journalism School 

2015 New York, Photoville  

2012 Lagos, Nigeria, Africa Artist Foundation  



2017 Half King Photo Series, New York  

2016 Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, New York 

2016 Festival Photo Reporter, Saint-Brieuc, France 

2015 Moving Walls, New York 

2015 Photoville, Brooklyn, New York 

2015 World Press Photo Exhibition, touring through 100 cities 

2014 Renaissance Photography, Getty Images, London 

2014 Look Between, Screening in Charlottesville, VA 

2014 Invisible Migrations, Alice Austen Museum, New York 

2014 Sony World Photography, Somerset House, London 

2013 The New Show, Faculty Exhibit, New York 

2013 Lagos Photo Festival, Exhibit at EkoGallery, Nigeria 

2014 Everyday Africa, Lincoln Center, New York 

2013 Cape Town Photo Slideshow, South Africa  

2013 Thin Line Between Love & Hate, UPI, New York 

2012 Traces, Bursa Photography Festival, Turkey 

2012 Open Show, Half King 

2012 In the Zone, Dart Society at CPW25, New York 

2010 HumanKind, PowerHouse, New York Photo Festival 

2009 Creative Visions Exhibit, Culturefix, New York